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Abilene TexasAbilene, located almost in the center of the state of Texas, has a population of around 120,000 people and only 2 rehab programs treating addiction, Serenity Adult Recovery Dynamics and Serenity Foundation of Texas Outpatient Program. With thousands in Abilene either addicted or becoming addicted these treatment facilities should find it difficult to service all those in need. There is, however, a good mix of services offered by the 2 local programs:

Residential Long-Term Treatment
Residential Short-Term Treatment
Outpatient Treatment

The citizens of Abilene enjoy 7 college campuses but with the college population also comes increased drug availability as well. College campuses are historically targeted by drug sales organizations prednisone as they are filled with youthful people who are newly on their own and susceptible to the allure of the party life. This means addictions are either newly formed or greatly enhanced as a result.

The city of Abilene has major local employment opportunities with Dyess Air Force Base, Hendrick Health System, Abilene ISD, Abilene State Supported Living Center, City of Abilene, Texas Department of nizagara Criminal Justice, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas Claims Center and many other smaller businesses. The petroleum business employees many in the surrounding community and ultimately there is income to support the drug trafficking channels that run through the community due to it’s central location.

What is very apparent is that the people of Abilene often need additional services for their family members who have become addicted to drugs like cocaine, marijuana, methamphetamine, prescription painkillers, alcohol, heroin and many others. Overcoming the severity of the addiction to prednisone modern drugs of all types is tougher than it has ever been. Accordingly, locating programs that have facilities to handle such addictions, staff who are dedicated to helping the person overcome their addiction and an availability of beds to get the help when the help is finally wanted is challenging at best to provide.

If you live in or near Abilene and find yourself in need of a rehabilitation program for someone suffering from drug addiction or alcoholism then let us know. Our staff will help you find the best treatment options available that meet your specific needs.
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