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Outpatient rehab services are often chosen by people who have a strong support system and whom are suffering from a short term addiction. It is crucial to discover the balance between convenience and effectiveness when deciding on treatment duration as well as the choice of staying at the facility during the entire duration or being at home or at work for most of the day or week and occasionally attending therapeutic processes and sessions at an outpatient facility.
Often it is a person would lose their job if they are away for several months while in rehab who might opt for an outpatient drug rehab. Lack of child care is another common reason a person chooses outpatient services. Still another reason often used for selecting outpatient rehab services is financial as outpatient services are generally cheaper than inpatient or residential.
The fact is that choosing outpatient services is a very serious decision and should not be taken lighty. If the addiction problem that plagues the person continues the job or their kids etc will be gone anyway so if there is a choice, a longer term, live-in type facility will be the logical choice for those seeking real recovery.
The Purpose of Outpatient Treatment
In outpatient rehab centers have the ultimate goal of giving individuals tools and solutions they need to cope with problems and issues in their lives and to make important lifestyle changes so it is possible for them to remain abstinent. These lifestyle changes are steps which can be taken to eliminate individuals and circumstances in the individual's life which trigger stress, anxiety, anger, etc. and ultimately trigger their substance abuse. In that light, outpatient treatment for drug and alcohol abuse is preferable over for instance 12 step meetings or self help groups or worse case, no treatment at all. This does not, however, negate the serious consultation needed to determine if outpatient treatment has any possibility of working.
Should I Choose Outpatient Treatment
The choice of opting for outpatient treatment will at least be better made with the help of trained professionals who deal with people addicted to drugs and alcohol on a daily basis. Our staff have many years of serving those in need who have made similar decisions. We know the programs available and the trade offs you make choosing this route. Let us expertly help you weight the factors associated with outpatient versus inpatient treatment and settle on the right choice for you. With a life at stake it is worth the time to consult those who know.