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A residential long term treatment program can be the strongest method of ensuring sobriety. A person will stay at the facility for the duration of the rehabilitation program which keeps them out of touch with those in the environment who would give them drugs or alcohol and also keeps them away from generally negative influences letting the person focus on themselves and rebuilding a new life. While residential drug and alcohol rehab is not for everyone, it is the service of choice for a large number of people seeking to end their addiction.

Long Term Treatment

A long term treatment program of the residential type will be a min of 30 days and often last for 3 to 6 months or longer. While time is not everything, longer duration treatment programs have the luxury of affording the client a non-pressured environment of therapeutic processes to more successfully address and handle the past negative behaviors and issues that cause relapse. A person has usually been using for some years, often many, and it takes a good amount of time to “unwind” or reverse the negative thinking, cravings, depression associated with quitting drugs, and in general, the patterns of choices and consequences that have been a problem for the person for some time.
In short, it simply takes more than a few hours or a few days to undo what the drugs and alcohol have done for years.

Residential Rehab Facilities

It is common for residential rehab facilities to offer a more comfortable living environment since the person will be staying there for longer durations. In many cases a house will be chosen for the smaller locations. For larger programs commercial buildings may be the actual structure but the rehab services and living quarters will have a homier inviting feel as opposed to a more clinical hospital type setting. Clients usually have meals at a customary table and in nicer facilities there are fire places, game rooms, pools etc. making them even more enjoyable. This can be important to many who will be staying at the facility for long durations and therefore must be comfortable so they can focus on the task at hand instead of problems with housing.

Cost of Residential Treatment Services

The cost of attending residential rehab facilities obviously varies a great deal. There are facilities that charge a few thousand dollars for the entire long term program and there are facilities that charge much more. The facility may be covered by private insurance and much, if not all of the cost may be diverted to insurance. However, out-of-pocket fees and deductible payments along with any other fees the program may require will be paid along with insurance when applicable. Day for day and dollar for dollar, a residential program is often the best investment if the person addicted can end their suffering once and for all. It is a matter of investment in the lives and future of someone who may otherwise not make it.

Getting into a long term residential program

If you would like to gain admission into a long term residential program or are interested in finding out more about this type of treatment service then give us a call. We have trained specialist who will walk you through the process of admission or educate you on the long term programs available in Texas and which ones might best suite your personal needs.
Treatment is important when someone is trapped in addiction and there can be many decisions to make about which recovery route would be best. While we can’t make the decision for you we can offer guidance and information so you can make a truly informed decision about which option to choose. Call us now for a free consultation.